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Category: Alternative

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  1. Dervish Dance (Ex): A dervish can become a whirling dancer of death a certain number of times per day. While in this dervish dance, she can take a full attack action (for melee attacks only) and still move up .
  2. An Irish traditional music band formed in by a group of five musicians: Liam Kelly, Shane Mitchell, Martin McGinley, Brian McDonagh and Michael Holmes. Their first album was The Boys of Sligo, but it was the album Harmony Hill which won read more.
  3. The Dervish carries as its main weapons two Federated Shot LRM launchers. These missile launchers give the Dervish the long-range capability needed to provide fire support to friendly units and are safely embedded in the torso as opposed to the exposed launchers on other 'Mechs. A ton of ammunition per launcher provides sufficient endurance for any but the most prolonged battles.
  4. Thank you for signing up for the Dervish Newsletter! Powered by Squarespace. Music. The Thrush in the Storm () From Stage To Stage () Traveling Show () A Healing Heart () Spirit () Simpatico () Decade () Midsummer's Night () Live In Palma () At The End Of The Day () Playing With Fire () Harmony Hill.
  5. Creation. Dervish first appearance in the series the Outsiders, ( series) # History. The young woman from Qurac named Nema was in love with a man named Saied, together they were subjects.
  6. noun a member of any of various Muslim ascetic orders, as the Sufis, some of which carry on ecstatic observances, such as energetic dancing and whirling or vociferous chanting or shouting.
  7. Dervish's music was born in countless pub sessions and house parties in County Sligo in Ireland. On Live in Palma, recorded in Spain in , the band members bring the intimacy and electricity of those informal gatherings to CD. Accordionist Shane Mitchell, flautist Liam Kelly, and fiddler Shane McAleer form the melodic heart of the band, and /5(12).
  8. A dervish slime is a swirling, whirling bundle of energy in slimy form. Dervish slimes are commonly found in the Glass Desert, cruising across its dusty dunes at high speed atop little whirlwinds. One thing is for certain: wherever the dervish slime needs to go, it gets there in a hurry.

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