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Epilog - Emperor (2) / Enslaved - Emperor / Hordanes Land (CD)

Posted on | By Gardagar | 9 comments
Category: Alternative

9 comments on Epilog - Emperor (2) / Enslaved - Emperor / Hordanes Land (CD)

  1. Hordanes Land es el primer lanzamiento oficial de Enslaved. Este EP de tres canciones fue lanzado por Candlelight Records en mayo de , y luego fue reeditado como una división con Emperor. En contraste con el rápido y atacante bombardeo de Yggdrasill, Hordanes Land ralentiza el ritmo, infla las longitudes de las canciones y crea /5(9).
  2. Title Album details Hordanes Land: Released: May ; Label: Candlelight Formats: LP; The Sleeping Gods: Released: (a CD containing both The Sleeping Gods and Thorn was later released on 11 November ).
  3. Sep 22,  · "Hordanes Land" was originally released as a 12" MLP in May , and a few weeks later as a split-CD with Emperor. Re-released in by Candlelight Records, with Vikingligr Veldi (2-CD.
  4. Feb 22,  · The Making of Emperor/Enslaved’s Emperor/Hordanes Land. (Epilog/Slaget).” Whereas Emperor’s year-old cosmic enmity continues to cast ill influence and powerful sway. Tracks like “I Am the Black Wizards” and “Cosmic Keys to My Creations and Times” recall a time of black metal immemorial, but also look wickedly into the.
  5. Emperor official / Enslaved "Emperor / Hordanes Land" Released in June 26 Years ago \m/ Track listing (Split): 1) Emperor "I Am the Black Wizards" 2) Emperor "Wrath of the Tyrant" 3) Emperor "Night of the Graveless Souls" 4) Emperor "Cosmic Keys to My Creations and Times" 5) Enslaved "Slaget i skogen bortenfor (Epilog / Slaget)".
  6. The tracklist shown on release insert utilise 11 tracks ( Emperor / Enslaved), some Enslaved tracks are combined. Recording information: Emperor Recorded under the December full moon anno at Studio S. Produced by Emperor. Music by Samoth and Ihsahn. Lyrics by Mortiis. Enslaved Recorded at Lydloftet, Ølen, during week 40/41,
  7. "Hordanes Land" is a classic. The Emperor portion of the disc is naturally great. Their older stuff never disappoints and this is no exception. "I Am the Black Wizards" is probably one of the greatest tracks they ever recorded. However, I think I enjoy the Enslaved part of the disc a little more/5(7).
  8. Emperor / Enslaved - Hordanes Land split (original misprint) 4 comments. share. save hide report. ONLY CD IS REAL!!! A place to glorify the coldest and harshest audio format. Mostly focused on extreme music releases. Members. 3. Online. Created Jul 2, Join. help Reddit App Reddit coins Reddit premium Reddit gifts.
  9. Somewhat overshadowed because its original configuration saw it splitting album sides with the more headline-grabbing Emperor (burning churches will do that for you), Enslaved's Hordanes Land EP was, in retrospect, a debut of no lesser significance to the burgeoning Norwegian black metal scene. It may have been even more visionary, in fact.

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